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Yes I do! I have a whole room full of dresses and wings and crowns and other props just waiting for you! My dresses fit a range of ages from baby to kid through teen and right to adults.

Do you provide the dresses for the pictures?

Don't worry about that at all! I have 18 years of picture-taking experience here, plus I was a pre-school teacher before I because a photographer. I have zero trouble getting a kid to do what I need them to be doing. 

What happens if my kid doesn't behave?

I have a whole pile of gardens and places I use in and around Athens, GA. I also have flown to several places throughout the US for clients who wanted photos closer to them. I return to Seattle yearly, and I've also taken clients in New Orleans, Austin, Orlando, and more. 

What locations do you go to?


My vision for all of my portraits is vibrant, feminine, and romantic. Couture dresses made of the top fabrics add to the feel of your images. The vibrant color that I show makes each photo more magical. Awkward photos begone with beautiful poses and perfect editing! Maternity and newborn photo sessions are beautifully done. Baby and child photos are the most magical pictures you've ever seen or your kids. High school senior pictures, sweet sixteen photo sessions, or quinceañera girls all look amazing. 

I tell my clients “I’m a six-foot redhead, you can’t miss me.” In my spare time, I birdwatch, I take nature photos, I watch Disney and superhero movies, pretend I can garden (I'm getting better..). and spend way too many late nights reading in bed.

My husband John and I have been together for 22 years, but married for just 9. You know that saying ‘opposites attract’? That’s us. The only things we have in common is that we’re both quiet and we enjoy books. That’s actually how I met him, by borrowing his books. He's a triple black belt and I've never hit anyone in my life. We also have two 15lb blind cats at home.

I make the most magical photos of you and your kids that you've ever seen

hi there, i'm Heather

meet your photographer

"What you do is proof that there is magic in this world. My daughters still talk about their session with you as one of the best days of their lives. Every moment was perfection. I don't know how you do it but they each think you are their very best friend. We loved our experience with you so much we traveled across the country to see you again. My fairy pictures of my daughters are true treasures. Not only are they beautiful but they captured the magic of my daughter's childhood. And that is MAGIC!!!"

-Jennifer Wilcox
Jennifer Wilcox Photography, Washington State
Seattle Fairy Session Client

"Getting this done is the best decision we ever made. Quote of the day from my big kid, upon seeing herself as a fairy, "Wow, I guess I am pretty!" - how about that for making her feel secure about herself as she becomes a tween? PRICELESS. Can't WAIT to get my album and jewelry. Fairyography creates nothing short of magic. There were literally DOZENS of amazing images I could share of my precious children as the "ice fairies" only she can do. If you have children under 10(ish) - you really, really need to talk to her about photographing them. You will never, ever regret it!! And the new display books and canvases she has are STUNNING - seriously, this is a precious memory and moments we'll have captured (perfectly, beautifully) for a lifetime. THANK YOU, Heather!!"
-Debora Helwig, Florida
Fairy Session Client

I truly, truly, truly LOVE my album and wouldn't change anything. It truly is even more beautiful than I could have anticipated--the weight is unreal for that front cover and the leather is just absolutely perfect with the overall design choices. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I so wished that I lived in your area and that I could have been in your presence when I saw my album for the first time because you deserve to see the joy, the absolute delight in beholding all of that angsting over those pictures come full circle."
-Deanna Barber, California
Seattle Fairy Session Client

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The Fairyography Experience

You look at her and it hits you.. how much longer will she play with those dolls? When will she stop pretending? She’s getting so tall now, and it’s so fast! Capture these moments before they’re gone forever. She’s only this little.. once upon a time. 

You and I will chat about what you have in mind for the session, this is what you love most about your daughter and what you'd like to remember in her photos. Don't worry if you don't have any ideas about what you'd like her shoot to look like, I
        have plenty for both of us! Her experience is half of an amazing photo session, let's make it something she'll remember and talk about for years!

Once you book, you'll get email or text reminders about each appointment and weather updates leading up to the shoot day! I will then begin crafting any of the props we'll be using for the photo session so that I have everything we need for photo day!

the prep


I know, you're worried. You're thinking "But my girl is wild and I know she won't sit still for photos!" or maybe you're thinking "Oh my gosh, I know my girl is amazing but she's so shy she takes a while to warm up.. will we have time?" Yes, I promise, I know. Fairy sessions are SO FUN and I’m often told at the end of the session that the giggling kid that I was just with for an hour on a stroll through the forest is usually super shy. Not with me! I went to school for Early Childhood Education so that I could work in preschool. I am crazy silly and super patient.

I ENJOY being with your daughters, Plus I know what’s appropriate for her age and how to run a session. I speak TO her like a person, and not at her. I read her and I know when she’s done for the day. There are no crying princesses at my photo appointments. You'll come and leave with a happy, thrilled little girl who will talk about how she was a fairy for weeks and months afterwards.

the adventure

Photo Session Day

You'll come to the studio for the reveal of your images. See them all large on my studio TV screen and get my professional recommendations about which ones will go well together. You'll see a pre-design of an album so that you can know what your girl's story will look like laid out, no guesswork needed! Of course, you can change anything you want, but it'll be super easy for you to see it all.

Once your order is in and I've check it over, you'll be emailed or called right away so you you can take your babies home! Your framed art will be ready to hang immediately once you get it home so you can enjoy looking at your wall art right away.

the delivery


* Hours of planning that you don't have to do
* A design consultation if you want one, to chat about your needs
* Your fun photo session with all the time you need
* The patience of a former pre-school teacher doing your photos
* 18 years of experience dealing with photoshoot issues before they come up
* Posing coaching to help you look your best self
* Selections and preliminary editing on the best images
* Editing and full retouching on all purchased images
* All digital images come either with a matching matted print or in a handmade album
* Peace of mind that you're going to get a whole pile of gorgeous images to choose from
* Fairyography sessions include couture dresses, wings, and crowns to wear for the photos
* My professional recommendation on a local salon for hairstyling
* My help choosing your products at an ordering appointment with me in my studio with products you can see
* Facebook and Instagram peeks
* An album pre-design so you can see your story before you order it
* Your purchased products will arrive to you finished and ready to hang, no printing or framing needed
* Archival backup of all of your final images

Message me below for dance session pricing

All collections include a certain number of images either in a matted image box or a handmade leather album. Custom wall art or framed prints are also available. 


Collections begin at

Your portrait experience includes the use of my dresses and wings. The session fee covers my time and talent and goes towards the collection purchase of your choice.


Session fee

Session Fee Includes


25 hand retouched images in either a custom box with and matted prints or a 20 page 12x12in handmade leather album, plus 25 matching digitals for you to keep.

Plus a framed 24x30in and two 16x20in wall art collection.

25 images+

Collection 3


25 hand retouched images in either  a custom box with and matted prints or a 20 page 12x12in handmade leather album, plus 25 matching digitals for you to keep

25 images

Collection 2


15 hand retouched and matted prints in a custom box with 15 matching digitals for you to keep

15 images

Collection 1


Fairyography offers different types of albums for your family, fairytale, and dancer photo sessions. There are so many custom features and fun ways to make each album unique, it's too long for the products page! So I thought I'd feature some here and tell you about each of them! Each album comes beautifully presented, wrapped in special papers and in a stunning box for gifting. They come to me packed in corn peanuts, a fully green solution! I offer several different sizes: 14x14, 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, and a 16x8 that opens vertically instead of to the side for an ultra modern look. If you'd rather a non-square layout, that's available as well.

keepsakes + mementos


Each handmade canvas is printed onto smooth paper, then transferred to the canvas backing. The canvas material is hand shaved to remove imperfections, then hand-stretched onto a solid wooden frame. Brushstrokes are then applied by hand to follow the contours of the subjects in the image. 

Handmade Canvas

My favorite product I offer! They combine custom craftsmanship and handmade details with fashion-forward looks. Luxurious leathers and distinctive fabrics compliment your cover image and you choose from the acrylic crystal cover, an images stripe, or the photo indent.

Extra Albums or Matted Print Boxes

A beautifully handmade torn edge watercolor paper fine art print, floating in front of silk or linen wrapped around a wooden block. A delicate looking finished art piece with class that doesn't need to be framed.

Deckled Edge Wall Art

Add Ons

pretty products

In print


I'm so thankful that you're considering me as your photographer for your special day. If you have additional questions, please reach out to me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

thank you



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