Maternity Photography

For expecting mothers, pregnancy feels like it lasts forever, but it's only a short 40 weeks! There is no better way to remember their baby bump and their journey to motherhood than a gorgeous professional maternity photo shoot. Being pregnant and leading up to childbirth is a special time in a woman's life. Most women feel like they are the most glamourous and feminine they've ever been. That pregnancy glow is a real thing and thicker hair always looks amazing on everyone.

Motherhood is a beautiful experience. Each pregnancy is different, and each new baby has its own personality! Every mother and mother-to-be deserves to feel completely pampered and entirely beautiful during the course of her pregnancy. Fairyography provides a unique client experience for mothers wanting a posh portrait session. Get all dolled up at my studio for the most feminine and elegant photos you've ever had of yourself. I provide couture gowns and recommend a makeup artist for every photo shoot. Look and feel like a model!

You want to book as much in advance as you can, but your session should take place when you're about 28-32 weeks pregnant. Too early and your bump isn't big, but too late and you just feel icky. REALLY late and you run the risk of delivering your new baby before you have your motherhood portraits done!

Newborn Photos

Once you deliver, that new baby smell only lasts so long, and so does the tiny baby stage. There are so many emotions attached to welcoming and embracing your newborn baby! They're only this tiny once, and it goes by so fast, only a matter of weeks! Professional newborn photos are the best way to remember how small and curly they were.

Pregnancy term is about 38-41 weeks, so if you go into labor early you may miss scheduling if you haven't booked already. You should book your newborn photos for about a week after your due date and we'll adjust things from there when your baby actually arrives. Most expectant mothers call me to book at around 15-20 weeks along. Newborn sessions will take pace when baby is about 6-12 days old. It's a magical time when the baby will sleep through almost anything, so we can get those curly womb pictures.

I accept just 3 newborn sessions a month to allow for time enough for sessions and varying client childbirth dates. 

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