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Creating magic, no matter what age.

Fairyography was initially just for little girls but has now grown to celebrate ladies of all ages. Getting to play dress-up as an adult is much less frequent but no less fun than it was when we were little! 

Kids between the ages of 5 and 12 are still young enough to feel magical but old enough to remember what a magical experience a fairy photo session is. A princess or fairy picture session makes your child feel beautiful, which is essential for her self-esteem. At the ages where girls begin to feel like they're awkward or ugly, a picture on the wall that shows their beauty every day can do wonders. Not to mention, it's totally fun to dress up!

Every teen girl can feel beautiful with a glamorous photo session, with or without the wings. Self-esteem in my teenage years was definitely the lowest point in my own life. I want to make sure every girl has a photo to look at where she feels absolutely beautiful and confident.

Glam feminine photos for Kids & Adults

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Celebrate your little girl at an age where she is still in love with fairies and truly believes that they are real.

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Teens & Adults

No matter our age, I think every woman wants photos that make us feel glamorous and magical.

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"Heather you are amazing! 

Despite the heat and social distancing, you made picking out photos feel so personal, so fun, and so special. I knew when I found your beautiful website that I was going to be delighted with my daughter’s photos, but you exceeded my expectations at every turn.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You have helped create an experience and memories for a lifetime that she and I will both remember fondly."

- Lisa Carter

Luxe Children's Photos

Unique kids portraits are stress-free, fun, and easy.

I have a studio client closet so I provide all the dresses, wings and crowns for these fantasy photo sessions. When I'm posing your kids they'll look candid, never stiff. (I do that by making a fool of myself behind the camera!)

As a former pre-school teacher, I know all about how to manage over-exuberant kids or bring a shy child out of their bubble. I have years of experience and lots of stupid games to play to get even siblings who don't like each other or are over being touched to pose together for photos. No matter how the photo session looks like it's going, I guarantee that I will have at least one beautiful portrait of all your kids together looking great and having fun!

My style is colorful and bold. Vibrant photos are important to show off the real character of your children. The true smiles and real expressions captured in your images will make your child's personality truly shine. 

Glam Teens & Adults

A couture photography experience that focuses on true beauty – inside and out.

Teens & Seniors -
Let me transform your teen or graduate into the wonderful woman she wants to be. When we are through, she will feel like she just walked out of the pages of a fairy magazine. Her classmates will have nothing that looks like this, a truly unique senior portrait experience! 

Mother Daughter Sessions -
The bond between mothers and daughters is like nothing else. Every mom should take a time for a priceless experience with her daughters and create lifetime lasting memories. Enjoy a glamorous photo session while celebrating your mother & daughter relationship. As your daughter grows and changes, the bond between you will also change. From the deep and protective love you have for your baby to the wonder you feel for your ten year old, to the changes in her teenage years and then to the bond you have as adult women, your relationship constantly evolves, growing deeper and more mature as the years go by.

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Your images should live on your wall, not your hard drive. 

When you visit my studio you will be able to see, touch and hold each of our professionally sourced heirloom products. I want you to know why my albums are heavier than the ones from other places. I want to show you the difference between luster finish and deep matte.

Hold the product. Feel the difference. Know what you’ll be getting, and be thrilled with your custom artwork!

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We are a luxury portrait studio based in Athens, GA specializing in creating unique and vibrant images that capture the feeling of magic for women and girls of all ages. 

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