Athens Botanical Gardens


December 2021 - February 2022


Ice Fairy Special

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You know that feeling when you see it start to snow? It's so absolutely magical and exciting. I wish it snowed more often here in Georgia, but it's like a once every five years kind of thing. Snow is probably one of my favorite things ever, so every year I do my best to bring a little winter magic to Athens with these Ice Fairy Photo Sessions.

It's forecast to be a really warm winter this year and the first part of December is definitely working on that with a week of 65 degree highs, which make it perfect to do a lot of ice fairies. So I'm having a sale! I want ice fairies galore this winter! I want ice fairies coming out of my ears! Give me all the winter sparkle ever!

This year is the 10th anniversary of my very first concept ice fairy and I know you all love these as much as I do, so I wanted to do something special to celebrate. 10% off for 10 years doing these didn't seem like enough of a special (seriously, if a black Friday sale isn't 30% or more, it's not a sale!), sooooo....

Extra prints begin at $250
Collections begin at $1800

• The use of my dresses, wings, and accessories for the photos. 
• 1 fully edited (with snow!) image of your choice
• Fairyography time and talent
• In-person ordering appointment for anything else you want to add on.
• Sisters or mommies dressing up encouraged

December through February, Athens GA


with Fairyography