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Here I'll be sharing a variety of client stories as well as personal and educational articles. Read on to meet the special needs princesses I see every year, find client information, read about the tips and tricks I use on kids, and check out what gear I love.



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Why you should get an album or a matted print box from your photo session.

It’s no secret that I include an album in all of my packages. The question is why? I believe that everyone should walk away with printed products from their photo sessions, and a box or an album is a great start. Why you should pick a photo album The album company that I work with […]

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Top 10 photos for 2020

These are my 10 favorite photos from 2020. I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 was utterly crappy for everyone. Fairyography was no different, but I definitely had ten top favorite photos from this year. I usually love landscape photos the most, but I was surprised that this year 9/10 of my top 10 […]

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3 positive things per month for 2020

I do a personal photo roundup of the year every December and I always do my best to make sure I have three positive things that happened or that I enjoyed per month! January 2020 – I was accepted for a show at the botanical gardens so I ordered my very first canvases for the […]

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Meet Isabella – 2020 Memorial Princess

Bella was nominated by her parents, who write “Isabella is a wonderful and happy girl. She was diagnosed with Autism when she was three years old. She is now ten years old and non-verbal but still finds a way to express her personality and love for others. Most recently she was diagnosed with Epilepsy after […]

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Meet Chandler – 2020 Memorial Prince

Chandler was nominated by Lynn, who writes “I think I understood that this year you guys were doing boys- if I’m wrong you can simply discard this but if not please read on! Chandler Griffin is a very special kid. He was diagnosed at birth with diabetes incepidus, cerebral palsy as well as being blind. […]

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Meet Mariah – 2020 Memorial Princess

Mariah was actually nominated by a previous Memorial Princess Mom Anna, who writes “We met Mariah when she and Marti Love were in rehab for many weeks together. Mariah was working on regaining some mobility. Since that time in rehab things progressed and got worse for Mariah. She is now paralyzed and is only able to […]

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Meet Lillie – 2020 Memorial Princess

Lillie’s Nominator writes: “ I would like to nominate Lillie for your photo shoot of children with medical issues. Lillie was diagnosed with Lymphatic Malformations in her bilateral upper extremities, pelvis and chest wall. She also has malformations to the fingers and toes on one hand and foot. Not only will these malformations require numerous […]

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Meet Blakely – 2020 Memorial Princess

Blakely was actually nominated three times!! Her first nominator Megan writes “Blakely Rose is a 3 year old with PVL, Cerebral Palsy, VHL, chromosome deletion at 3p25.3, Amblyopia and Cortical vision Impairment. Blakey had a stroke in the womb and has several genetic impairments. She’s the sweetest little girl, and LOVES music. She’s mostly nonverbal, […]

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Meet Kira – 2020 Memorial Princess

Kira’s nominator Jessica writes “Kira is the perfect kiddo for your Memorial Princess Session. Kira was born with a mitochondrial disease that causes her body to not convert fat to energy. As a result, ensuring that she eats food is necessary and her diet is restricted heavily. Kira suffered from seizures for many years and […]

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Meet Wynnie – 2020 Memorial Princess

Wynnie’s nominator Marcella writes “Wynnie is the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is always so joyful, happy, and smiles and waves at everyone she meets. She never meets a stranger and is the most precious girl I’ve met. Wynnie is 2 years old and has Down syndrome. Wynnie is a fighter from even […]

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