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Here I'll be sharing a variety of client stories as well as personal and educational articles. Read on to meet the special needs princesses I see every year, find client information, read about the tips and tricks I use on kids, and check out what gear I love.



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Fairyography has a new studio!

As a photographer, it’s sometimes hard to find the PERFECT studio space for photography clients. For maternity sessions, I need a big area with enough room for a nice backdrop and big light. For newborn sessions, I want a smaller area to heat up for the baby and have my props nearby. With small babies […]

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July Personal Roundup

July has been a very slow month for me, mostly just prepping for a big studio move. I bought plants for my garden and went looking at plants in the botanical garden with friends. I laughed at my cat, had fun with the girl I nanny after school, and then had to make sure I […]

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June Personal Roundup

June was an absolutely insane month of travel for me. I was actually away from home more than I was here for June. It started with a trip to Glastonbury CT to see my honorary nephew graduate high school and do his graduation and senior pictures. I was home for about a week after that […]

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About Me

I’m Heather, a 6-foot redhead with a camera who believes in fairytales.  Years ago, with my Early Childhood Degree under my arm, I became a lead instructor in a classroom with eleven 2-year-olds. It was loud, chaotic, and messy, and I absolutely loved it. During the day, I often took photos for the parents so […]

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May Personal Roundup

In May, it was a really emotional month for me. The Botanical Gardens here had an absolutely glorious month. full of roses and foxgloves. I think the prettiest I’ve seen the rose garden ever! I flew out to Seattle to teach but I picked Seattle because my sister lives there and I haven’t seen her […]

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April Personal Roundup

April turned into a very fun month for me! It began not-so-fun as John’s boss had a house fire. The building was a total loss, but there was a lot that was spared inside that she was able to keep, like her wedding photos and older keepsakes. I had some magical azalea princess sessions, and […]

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March Personal Roundup

March wasn’t super busy here in Heather-land. I had one of my macro pieces in the Lyndon House show for this year. I went to go see it on the wall. It’s still pretty surreal to see my photography hung in an art gallery. I also planted a bunch of bulbs and finished up the […]

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February Personal Roundup

February was definitely slower for me this year. I have a lot of things going on in the background but it’s of course not very warm for pictures and nothing is blooming. All my pre-work for the year is done in January and February, so that’s mostly what I’ve been doing. I have a project […]

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Secret Garden Azalea Mini Sessions

It’s coming up to spring and I’d definitely need it this year. I normally love winter and the cold, but I am struggling hard this year. I need flowers, I need green. I know it’s not quite time yet, but oh I have all the doors and windows open in my house as I type […]

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January Personal Roundup

I had a pretty amazing January to start off the year! I had two trips, and it was a decently mild weather month so it was nice to be outside as well. I would’ve been going to Imaging USA (biggest photographer conference in the US) to speak, but both of my vendors Sigma and Finao […]

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