December 22, 2020

3 positive things per month for 2020

I do a personal photo roundup of the year every December and I always do my best to make sure I have three positive things that happened or that I enjoyed per month!

January 2020 – I was accepted for a show at the botanical gardens so I ordered my very first canvases for the show. They can’t really be stored anywhere in this house so they went on my walls. I also got my ears re-pierced after they got infected and grew closed years ago. The old holes were too close to my head so the new ones are placed properly, and I found out I have a nickel allergy so they got me titanium studs! I also have a great time at Imaging USA with my photo-BFF.

February 2020 – I had a house-sitting thing for a friend of mine for a few days, her oldest is ALMOST taller than me! Then it snowed and I lost my shit because I love it.

March 2020 – And then the world shut down. We had no idea what was coming. I was happy I’d bought toilet paper before the shelves were bare, but we were locked down for all of March so I spent the time taking pictures of Pete and some snails in the garden.

April 2020 – Still locked down. I couldn’t work, but my husband could since he works on a farm. This was huge for us since not only were we not both stuck in the house ready to murder each other, but then I was able to go with him a lot to get ME out of the house. One non-farm days, I enjoyed the catio with Pete and foster cats.

May 2020 – We continued to enjoy going to the farm (and the HUGE eggs), John installed a fan over my catio seat for me, and lockdown was slightly lifted so we went to Gibbs Gardens.

June 2020 – My own house garden was a riot of growing this month, and since lockdown was slightly lifted I began planning some return mini sessions. The botanical gardens also re-opened so I was able to go back finally.

July 2020 – Chewy sent the boys a care package, I did some at-home ballet sessions and got to try on a pair of pointe shoes that kind-of fit me (that’s my feet!), and we still had fun on the farm.

August 2020 – I turned 41, painted a chair, and picked up a nanny job to help with income while I couldn’t have photo sessions.

September 2020 – More farm time when it wasn’t nanny time, I bought a new lens that felt like coming home, and continued stalking lizards at the gardens.

October 2020 – I painted a couch, did more macro, and we went to a wedding in Charleston.

November 2020 – We had to have our septic tank pumped and it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, I ended up with a winter hummingbird (a Calliope), and we upgraded from a 32″ TV to a 74″ one.

December 2020 – I made the last love the canvas orders before my first ever gallery show, enjoyed more dewdrops, and we got a custom mailbox that makes me happy every time I come home.

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